About Us

With the Purrfect Place Luxury Cat Hotel your babies become our babies for their stay. Our clients become friends and we share the joys and tears of having furry children. We want to thank you for sharing in our journey & making this a possibility.

At our cattery, we will go above & beyond for your cats as this is how we would want someone to do for our babies. Our hope is for you to be able to relax on you holiday & to rest knowing that your felines are taken care of to the fullest extent. With us you buy peace of mind.


In 2001 Suzette lost her baby "Donsie" to feline bladder cancer. He was a beautiful ginger Maine Coon that had been with our family for 21 years. Upon the euthanization of Donsie, the Vet had stated that it is so hard to find good quality accommodation for kitties in Johannesburg.

With that in mind, my mother went home and pondered the possibilities, after all, she always wanted a safe place for her cats to stay when she went on holiday. In honour of Donsie, we opened the Purrfect place in December 2001.

The opening of Purrfect Place, marked a new era for the le Roux household. We now have more cat food than human food in our house, more cats than family members & a greater animal community than we could have ever dreamed of.